Sunday Recap

Sunday Recap

As Pastor Jeff said,"We sent the little pastor (my hubby is 5 ft 7") to the big campus (Bluffton- our core campus) and we sent the big pastor (Jeff is 6 ft plus) ) to the the little campus (HHI)." It was a treat to have our Senior Pastor with us on the Island and Todd enjoyed speaking at the Bluffton Campus (3 services wore the boy out!) Jeff brought a great message from Matthew 25 about the servants with the 3 talents. I loved how it ended it with having everyone hold their hands out to signify that all we have is God's and also to represent that all we receive is from Him as well. Our "Time of Response" focused on Jesus being Lord of all and how we need to acknowledge that in every area of our lives, especially our finances. Here was our set list:

"Trading My Sorrows"

Scripture Reading - from Ephesians 1

"Here is our King"


"Salvation is Here"

Video Bumper


Time of Response - communion, prayer, giving

"Lord of All" - Stanfill

"The Lord Reigns" (Chorus/Bridge/Chorus) - Klaus Kuehn

My two high school students musicians - Sam and Michael -  are really growing as musicians. I gave them a number chart this week for "Lord of All" - they hated it! It was hilarious! But, they embraced it and did really well. "Trading My Sorrows" may be an oldie, but it is a GREAT song to use to teach the importance of simplicity in playing together as a band. I am so proud of these guys and their desire to learn and grow as musicians. We are having a great time. Luke, one of our worship leaders, played drums this week and did an amazing job. I feel so blessed to have the team we have here at the HHI Campus.

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