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I have better things to do on Sundays

Sunday Recap

We are coming to the end of our Message Series on the book of Philippians. Planning worship has been so enjoyable with all the wonderful themes in this book of the Bible. Our Message yesterday was on pursuing peace. I chose songs of response that focused on Christ as the Great Peacemaker by dying for us and God our Father reigning over all. I feel so strongly about choosing songs of reflection that point our hearts toward the person of Christ and Father God. I think it is very fitting to do songs of response that allow us to see ourselves in light of the Scriptures, but for me, when I focus on the person of Christ and my Father God, everything that I feel, sense, or have experienced seems so small in comparison to who Christ is and His Father God. Here was our setlist:

"All Because of Jesus" - Fee
Welcome/ Announcements
"Because of Your Love" - Baloche
"Beautiful the Blood" - Fee
Video - Message Bumper
Time of Response - communion,prayer, giving
"Jesus Paid it All" - Alex Nifong
"Our God Reigns" - Passion

We have a 14 year old bass player, Macy, who played with us for the 1st time on a Sunday. She plays every week in our Student Band called the Refugees at VIBE. I also have a High School Senior, Michael, playing electric guitar with us. I love having students involved on Sundays! Bill and Rockalotta brought it yesterday (as always!) Marie produced and I have to say, it was one of the first Sundays in awhile that NO ONE asked me a service flow or production questions! Marie, you rock!

How was your Sunday? I would love your comments here on your worship experience at the Hilton Head Campus. Join me at Fred's for more discussion.