change and challenges

Sunday Recap

There are some Sundays that you cannot escape the fact the God had every intention of you sharing very openly and honestly about your life through the subject matter. This was one of those very personal Sundays for Todd and I. We kicked off off a 5-week series called "REVOLU$ION" discovering what God says about finances. This first message was on contentment. You need to listen to our podcast from yesterday to truly understand how difficult this was for Todd to speak on this subject. We worked together very closely to make this service as real and authentic from us as we could. I shared my response here on our campus blog. Here was our service order...

"Marvelous Light" - Hall

"Happy Day" - Hughes


Video Bumper


Time of Response:

Questions of Contentment

Communion, Prayer, and Giving Stations open

"Gratitude" - Nordeman

Closing Prayer

"How Great is Our God/How Great Thou Art'

I had to really live with the song "Gratitude" to get through it on Sunday without breaking down. It is the story of our lives these past couple of years. Todd did a great job of being honest about the struggles he has had with finding contentment and how it has affected our marriage and our family. We are definitely on the right track and are so thankful for God's grace and provision on our journey. I definitely sensed an uneasiness in the room all day as Todd was very honest about his journey. Henri Nouwen said,"...the most personal in the most universal..." and that was truly the essence of our worship service yesterday. Todd and I are praying for our church campus to have an awakening to the truth God's Word in the area of finances. It has changed our lives in every area. We can't wait to see what God is going to do.

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