My Review of "Fearless" by Max Lucado
Sunday Recap - Anniversary Sunday

The power of the passionate volunteer

It's the eve of our 2nd year anniversary celebration as a church campus. I just printed the order of service (for the 3rd time since I keep changing it!) We're having one service at Hilton Head High School, complete with Jumpy House games for the kids, Free food afterwards - just a huge party! This week has been a lot of coordination and getting stuff from our permanent facility to the High School....oh, and I learned the basics of Final Cut Pro Express this week to edit a video I produced with John from our Bluffton Campus. Whirlwind is the only word to describe it! However, I spent today with the family, riding bikes, did a little clothes shopping, grilled out for dinner...just enjoying this wonderful Island weather (see my previous post on margins!)  As I reflected today on this past 2 years, a conversation I had this week really sums up the level of excitement and in some ways true joy about the way I feel about where we are as a church.  I was talking with 2 volunteer leaders over pizza and grape soda at VIBE (there names have been kept secret, but they know who they are!). They were expressing to me their frustration that we (mainly me!) do not ask them to serve enough. They were half-kidding about the fact that they want to help more, but we don't let them. The irony of this is that both of these leaders serve 1 maybe 2 days a week in different roles. They are passionate and with that passion comes the need for the "pace-yourself enforcer" which is me.  I am estatic that I am getting grief from leaders about THIS!  These 2 leaders were not involved at LCC two years ago. One of them didn't even live here. You cannot bottle and sell the passion that they have. Without the passionate volunteer, your ministry will not flourish. As a staff member, you can only take it so far and then you are just wore out. Todd and I have had seasons when we have tried to do too much. Don't want to go there again. This story is just a snapshot of the passion that runs deep in the hearts of our team. This is their church...their investment...their community. It's bigger than all of us and isn't that what we all truly desire? To be a part of something that is SO much larger than we can conceive?  I end this night with so much thankfulness for the journey thus far...all of the moments that I wanted to quit (yes folks, there were moments!), all the moments of utter joy when someone accepted Christ as their Savior or re-dedicated their life to following Jesus, and especially my "altercation" with my 2 friends this week.  I will sleep with great expectations of celebrating this with our church family tomorrow, but also with great anticipation for the days ahead.