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Sunday Recap - Anniversary Sunday

Ok...I know it's Wednesday, but here we go. It was our Anniversary Celebration this past Sunday. We moved our services to Hilton Head High School and the VPAC (Visual and Performing Arts Center). This room seats about 650 (I think). We used pipe and drape and sectioned of the upfront looked great. CLICK HERE to see pics and other facts. Sunday reminded me SO much of the early days at NorthStar Church when we met at North Cobb High School.   Todd and I were a part of those 1st days there setting up and tearing down for about 4 years. I am still doing this? Yeah. Anyway, we loaded in part of the gear on Friday afternoon and then did set-up at 7 AM on Sunday morning for the 10:30 AM service. We used Bryan Philpot's company for production. He has been with us from Day 1 with all our technical needs. HE ROCKS! When you don't set-up and tear-down like this every week, it is MORE difficult to do this because you are not set-up to be mobile. We took a lot of stuff from our campus and integrated it with BP's gear and it worked great! I had to re-format all the video in ProPresenter since we do everything in 16 x 9 on flat screen TV's at our campus to 4X3 for a massive 10 x 14 front-projection screen. It looked great and sounded great. There was a lot of energy in the room....bigger room, bigger stage, bigger sound. We did familiar songs and introduced the newest member of our Worship Team, Lois with her singing "Friend of God" and "God of Our Yesterdays." She is a terrific soloist and has a sweet spirit. We did an LCC story on video. CLICK HERE to view it. It was such a great experience producing it with John and then editing it. It made me cry every time I heard Chris talk about her husband. Pastor Jeff  gave us  a "heart message...there is no better way to describe it. CLICK HERE to hear it. Our BBQ KREW grilled great food for us and thanks to Susie for the AWESOME anniversary cake! Here was our setlist:

"Sing to the King"

"Friend of God"


LCC STORIES  - video

"God of Our Yesterdays"

Video Message Bumper

Message - Pastor Jeff

"God of this City"

Closing thoughts - Pastor Todd

"Sing Sing Sing"

There is so much more I could write, but I will close with this. God has impressed upon me the importance of praying and telling the stories, and just felt that these two things were very manifest in our celebration. SO much prayer (not just me) went into Sunday and even though it took a long time to edit the video, it was SO worth it.

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