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Sunday Recap

I was back in the saddle this week leading worship after being out last Sunday with the flu. I still was not 100 percent. I have never had such a hard time getting over something as this. I'm still working in my pajamas right now! My doctor told me that you just need to listen to your body...if you need to rest, just do it. After Sunday, I crashed...still not there, but know I will be soon. It's great having a team that comes around you when you are physically weak. I co-led worship with Luke. I love leading with him. I just love the whole guy-girl worship leading duo anyway! Here was our service order:

"Salvation is Here" -  Hillsongs

"Let God Arise" - Tomlin


Scripture Reading - Romans 12

"Reign in Us" - Starfield

Message Video Bumper

Message - Pastor Brian Rose

Time of Response - communion, giving, prayer

"Running"- Gateway Worship

There are those moments when you pray through a worship set and believe that you are landing "on the money" when it comes to the tie-in with the teaching portion - mainly the set-up and response to that time...this was one of those Sundays. I chose Romans 12 to read as a congregation because I felt so strongly from reading Philippians 3 during the week that being a living sacrifice has to be THE priority to God reigning in our lives in every area. Pastor Brian hit it out of the park teaching on Philippians 3 and running the race. It really hit me between the eyes when Paul said "... I focus on this one thing: Forgetting the past and looking forward to what lies ahead..." The one thing...I needed to hear that. "Running" was the perfect song of response to Brian's take-away. We had great attendance...our largest non-event Sunday...169 people. We had 40 kids in Promiseland between the two services. There was a lot of excitement and energy. It was a great day!

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