Sunday Recap

I'm not suprised at all

I spent about 2 hours yesterday working on social media for our church campus...twittering for multiple accounts, designing facebook ads for events, updating facebook pages, blogging for multiple blog sites, and uploading video and pictures. I'm "officially" the Communications Director on top of continuing to serve as the Worship Arts Director for our campus now.  I went to bed last night and honestly, I was thinking about how much has changed since I started working after college 15 years ago.  I didn't have an e-mail address for the first church I worked for in 1995. We didn't have internet. This was about an 800 attendee church in South Florida...not out in the middle of nowhere. If we came up with a GREAT secular or Christian song idea in creative team back then, we would go around the room and pray someone had a copy of the song so I could rip the chart for the band that week. If they didn't, we asked our band and singers. If they didn't, I went to Media Play. If they didn't have it....oh well.  I cannot tell you how many hours I spent trying to FIND STUFF.  The fact that you are reading this right now is truly amazing. I didn't know what a blog was until Randy told me to start one in 2005 (which I didn't till 2006!) I have made life-long friends through social media that I would never have even crossed paths with in this life. Today, I read one of my friend's tweets , Carmen Coe, and she shared this video. I'm not surprised at all...