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The greatest complement of a leader

Come as you are

We say this line a lot in church. We REALLY say it a lot as church planters :) But let's be really honest. If people really came "as they were", what would that look like? As ministry leaders, most of us want our churches to be a safe place for people to meet God wherever they are in their journey, but everyone's in a different place, right? I loved this post today from Pete Wilson. We do at times expect everyone in our churches to be where we are and to just " go with the program." Take this class, read this, do will work out.  To steal Pete's word, it's not cookie-cutter. I know as a church leader, we miss it sometimes. We say "Come as You are." But after you come, what happens that makes you feel unique and not just "one of many?" We do try to make the Christian life a formula....and I'm not saying that there are not Biblical guidelines to being a follower of Christ (everybody, calm down). I'm just saying that we need to take the individual journey of a person from "Come as You Are"on Sundays to "Be Who you are" the next 6 days. We just kicked off our small groups for the fall on both campuses last week. Our small group starts next week. This is where it happens for me. We are starting a new study on prayer and that will be great, but that's not the best part. It's the conversation, prayer requests shared, laughing with each other, and sharing what really stinks in our lives right now - sharing the tough stuff. We want you to come on Sundays just as you are...please come and bring your friends. But the Christian life is more than just Sunday and when we say "Come as you are," we mean "Be who you are"  the other 6 days as well. If small groups aren't your thing, find someone you can connect with on your spiritual journey. We were not meant to do this alone.