Sunday Recap - Anniversary Sunday
Come as you are

being down

My body finally gave in to whatever my daughter had for a week. So I've been down since Saturday afternoon. I've watched almost every movie in our collection and too much regular TV. Once again, I realize why I am a
Hulu and Netflix fan. I watched several season and series premieres on various networks of sitcoms. I know the networks are struggling to get us to watch their latest offerings. I know why. For me, I don't really see the need to watch 22 minute offerings that ridicule people of faith and say monogomous relationships are boring. I guess I'm not in the target audience:) Sickness is a humbling experience for me. I don't like being on the sidelines of my life at all. I thanked Todd for really living out the "in sickness" part of our vows the past 2 days. He has done the grocery shopping for this week, taken Syd to school, done everything for the kids, worked on potty training with Sean, and still did his job. I need to be down sometimes to just get perspective that my little world can function without me. And also to appreciate those closest to me who show kindness and encouragement to me and my family when "mom" is out of commission. You know who you are...thank you so much. So don't totally hate being down. It reveals a lot that you don't get see when you are on the road of life driving 90 to nothing.