Sunday Recap
I'm not suprised at all

Sunday Recap

 Our "let's just go for it" philosophy in our music every week is really beginning to take root at our almost 2 year old church campus. From the first song, we are making no apologies that we are here to worship God and that for the next hour, it is not about is about Him and making Him known and making HIS NAME great. I am choosing songs that celebrate joy in every aspect during this sermon series on Philippians. I am focusing our worship on the fact that HE alone is where joy is found. My drummer, Randy, got tearful on me between services just talking about how meaningful Todd Fields' song "Let Me Sing" is to him. He was sharing how he can't play that song and not get a little something in his throat. I always end that song with just keys only and me singing a little off the mic and asking them to sing it out. I pull one ear out to hear them sing and man, it is awesome. Here is the chorus...

"Let me sing
Louder than creation to You
For the pain you bore in Your body
To bring my soul to You
Let me shine
Brighter than the stars in the sky
An offering of praise all my life
TO YOU my holy King
Let me sing."

 - Todd Fields

Here was our entire setlist:

"The Lord Reigns" - Klaus Keuhn
"Counting on God" - Desperation Band
"Let Me Sing" - Todd Fields
Video Bumper
"Counting on God" - Chorus Only

 I've been asking myself the question lately, "If I had one hour to see, hear, feel, and experience God, what would that look like to me?"  It is a HUGE question that I cannot really get my arms around, but it is prompting me to REALLY plan the service in a much more God-focused way...not so much about "How do I get all the "OTHER" stuff in there (i.e. - announcements, videos, etc..) It's a struggle we all face and we have so many voices to listen to because of our role as Worship Arts Leaders in overseeing that hour. I've just been walking away from Sundays lately so full of joy, hope, and excitement from being a part of our services.  I see visibly and hear from others about God's work in their lives and I am stoked about the future!

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