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My Review of Between Wyomings by Ken Mansfield

Pray and Tell the Stories

Now that my brain is REALLY thinking on a school year calendar, I was giving some thought to what this year holds for me. I was praying for our church and for my hubby as we approach our 2nd Year Anniversary as a church campus. I just simply asked God,"What do you want me to focus on this year? What is my role in this amazing thing that is LCC - Hilton Head Island?" I have to ask these questions because I can get REALLY busy doing a lot of good things, but not even crack the service of what is the BEST thing - or rather - the God-designed thing I should be doing. Over the last couple of days, God has brought clarity to that for me. PRAY and TELL THE STORIES. Now, the prayer thing...we all need to pray. That is not what He was saying to me. I really feel like God is leading me to pray in a way that requires so much more intentionality on my part as well as for me as a church leader to GIVE opportunity for our people to pray. He also spoke to me about being much more intentional in telling the stories of our people. In every church that I have served, this was a HUGE part of our DNA. We shared them in staff meeting, we shared them on Sundays, we shared them all the time. We have shared some stories, but I want to make this THE THING that I focus on with our church campus this year.  Our tagline here at LCC is "Lives are Changing." Well, let's talk about that and let people hear about it ALL THE TIME! So, that is my plan this year.  Has God given you some specifics this year for your personal life or ministry? I would love to hear them...