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It ends today

image417293428.jpgI have squeezed every moment out of this summer. When it began, I gave Sydney my doll house that I grew up with for her to play with her princesses, ponies, and the little people I still had left. Sean has even added a few cars outside the porch:) We have had a wonderful time and even as I sit here at the play area at the mall, I know it ends today and I hate it. I painted Syd's toes this morning and here was an excerpt of our conversation...

Me: Don't you want to stay home with Sean and me instead of going to Kindergarten?
Sydney: I want to do both.
Me: What are you most looking forward to at Kindergarten?
Sydney: lunch and painting
Me: What was your favorite thing you did this summer?
Sydney:Playing princesses with you.
Me: What are you going to miss when you go to Kindergarten?
Sydney: you, mommy