Sunday Recap- July 19, 2009
First impression matters

Sunday Recap - not from stage :)

I was an attender today at LCC- Hilton Head Island. I came to our 11:00 service and just was awesome! I started the morning with coffee and the paper....then I road my bike for about 5-6 miles. I got dressed and came to church!!! It was so weird! Emily (my intern) led today and did a great job. This is the 1st time in a REALLY long time that I have been able to just attend a service and take it all in...this is so important to do (if you can - I know that feeling of not being able to!) Todd (my hubby) did Part 2 of our series "Got Questions" with today's message being "What does the Bible say about the End Times?" Yeah...from alcohol last week to the apocalypse...easy stuff :) It was a great overview message on the four main events of the End Times. You can HEAR OUR MESSAGES ONLINE now as I got our podcast up and running this week. Here was the service order...

"Come Now is the Time to Worship"
"Awesome is the Lord"
"Everlasting God"
Video Bumper
Time of Response - prayer, communion, giving stations open
"We Cry Holy" - Emily wrote this :)
Benediction - Todd

I can't tell you how much I enjoyed our Time of Response today. I was able to take communion and pray at our prayer station, write some things to God and place them on the was so rich and refreshing to my spirit. I walked away today and said I would totally come to church here! The entire experience from the parking lot (well, I almost hit somebody - not used to traffic coming into the church parking lot!), greeters, the ambiance in the worship center, the people - it was so warm and inviting. What a great Sabbath! To my team, you guys are amazing!!! Your heart of excellence was so evident in everything I saw and heard. THANK YOU for serving and allowing me to just participate guys rock!

Join me at Fred's for our 1-year anniversary party!!!!