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Sunday Recap - not from stage :)

Sunday Recap- July 19, 2009

We started a new series this week entittled "Got Questions?" where we asked people to finish this phrase..."What does the Bible say about_______" We had great response and we chose 4 specific questions that seemed to come to the surface a lot. The rest of the questions,Pastor Jeff is going to answer on his blog over the next few weeks. So, we started with a softball...alcohol...Yeah. I told Todd that since he has had to preach on both sex and alcohol in the last 3 months, it's pretty much just all cake after this! He did a great job, really. I am working on getting our podcast up and running very soon so you will have to check that one out! My new iMac made it's debut so it has freed up my MacBook Pro to record the messages. ProPresenter is running great and video playback looks awesome. I was down to 6 gig of free space last week on my MacBook Pro...not good. As I was preparing the message slides, I was so overwhelmed at how clear the Bible is on this issue...however, we in church have not wanted to accept sometimes truly what Scripture says about alcohol and drinking. Todd did a great job of every now and then saying," How are we doing?" "Everybody still breathing?" "Anybody ready to just skip this and go to brunch?" (That was my favorite!) A very wise worship leader taught me that when your pastor is preaching on a subject that is...well...heavy...that you should make every other element in the service as familiar and comfortable as possible (thanks, John Jones!) I did very familiar worship and the room was so alive both services. I wore ony 1 in-ear monitor this week so I could really hear them was so cool. We installed 3 new elders between the 2 campuses and prayed over them. John did a great video bumper for this series. We had a lot of new faces this week which is typical in the summer with vacationers,but this week it was Islanders ( i.e. - people who live on the Island :) I was pumped about that! Here was our service order.

"Sing Sing Sing"
"Marvelous Light"
"O Praise Him (All this for a King)
Video Bumper
Time of Response (communion, giving, prayer stations open)
"Amazing Grace(My Chains are Gone)"
Installation of Elders
"Counting on God"

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