Wasbi Gospel Book Bomb - TODAY!
Sunday Recap


image2100338945.jpgI love to read. I remember going to the library every summer and checking out as many books as they would allow me to take. I could not wait to get home and start the next book. I loved being taken to another place and maybe another time. Today was a big day for my 5 year old. She got her 1st library card. We have been reading books together since she was a baby, but today was different. She did it all herself. She picked out her 10 books (my limit!) and her 5 DVD's ( their limit!) & checked them out. I want desperately to give my children a passion for reading like I have had all my life. I love fiction, historical fiction, non-fiction biographies, historical non-fiction (my favorite author is Henry James... my favorite book is REBECCA by Daphne Du Maurier... that was free!) In those awkward seasons of life (all of middle school & most of high school!) when I felt socially "not cool", I could always escape through reading to another place where there was no pressure. It was my retreat and still is to this day. Now, I spend most of my time in the non-fiction world, but I still love reading a well-written novel more than anything. Reading has made my life so rich and has helped me see the beauty of the world around me in a way that reality distorts. I can't wait till Sydney can read her first book on her own, but for now, I am REALLY enjoying the fact that I still have to read to her. I have a week of vacation coming and a stack of books with my name on it. I cannot wait! Is reading a big part of your life?