It started on a bike ride - Pt. 2
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It started on a bike ride - Pt. 3

Today is my final post about my retreat day. I felt led to continue reading in Philippians 4...I had never read THE MESSAGE version of verse 13..."Whatever I have, where ever I am, I can make it through anything in the ONE who makes me who I am." I just kept reading that over and over again...memorizing it. I very quickly realized that this chapter was the passage of scripture that God wanted me to mediate on for the rest of my time. Here are the nuggets I gleaned...

  • Don't waver in Your dependence on me, Cynthia...Steady as she goes!
  • Get over offenses with others...grow up!
  • Celebrate me...delight in the fact that you are my child.
  • Let petitions and praises shape your worries into prayers (exact quote from THE MESSAGE)
  • My peace will take the center of your life..not your stress.
  • I will bring harmony to your life - all the pieces flowing together to make beautiful music.

I ended my time with Psalm 23 and this brought it all into focus. Verse 1 says, "God, my Shepherd...I don't need a thing." I began to write down all the things that I, clothing, shelter, health, children, love, family, job...I was so overwhelmed with God's goodness to me. I finished my bike ride, returned home, and then drove to my favorite beach, Islanders Beach, and walked about 4 miles and just enjoyed the sun. I spent that time thanking God for the morning, for some specific things he had taught me, and watching all the vacationers enjoy their time at the beach.

In conclusion, if you have never taken a few hours like I did to get away with God...DO IT! I caught my breath (Ps 23:3) & I cannot tell you how much I needed the refreshment. If you do it, let me know how it goes!