I'm just sick
It started on a bike ride - Pt. 1

I'm flying the coop

Well, just for one Sunday...I am taking a personal retreat tomorrow morning and I AM PUMPED. Thanks to 3 great chic worship leader friends (Jan Owen, Kim Bontrager, and Beth Brawley) I have some direction on what tomorrow morning should be for me. My team at LCC-Hilton Head Campus is going to ROCK the house (we have a new guitar player and my friend, Dean is playing sax tomorrow!) I love being able to leave and know that the services are going to be BETTER than if I was actually there! Rob Jacobs, our High School Pastor, is leading worship and my fabulous intern, Emily, is the musical director. No twitters or live blogging for me tomorrow...just me and my God somewhere on this Island. I can't wait, Father. See you in the AM!