Sunday Recap - Mother's Day
Fresh Blood

The hardest thing

When I was 8 years old, I had a secret life. Elaine Jones - FBI Agent. I wrote cases, investigated them. I wanted to be an attorney at one point in my life (Todd says that I would have made millions based on our marriage "discussions" and my ability to win the argument!)  I love mystery novels (BIG Nancy Drew fan - I have them all.) I love challenges. I love solving mysteries. As an adult, I love problem-solving. Yes, I am one of those weird people who does not absolutely hate conflict. I don't look for it, but when there is a resolution to a difficult situation even if it was bloody, I am actually energized. I love progress.  I love the deep end of the pool. I love long shots. I love throwing caution to the wind.  My biggest fear is not being challenged.  I have no problem asking God for wisdom to solve problems, for guidance to make the right decisions, for strength when I am tired and worn out. So what is the hardest thing for me? stop "doing" so much and start "being."  I made a commitment in January of this year to change my life. It's May, and I can tell you that God has revealed himself to me in ways I would have NEVER experienced. Things I am praying about - God is His time. Restoration has happened where it needed to happen...change is happening in my life and in others...Hope has been reborn in my life in areas that I gave up on a year ago. I'm being...not doing...and God is working. This will always be the hardest thing for me. It's not natural. I will have seasons like right now that I am in the zone. And I know I will have season again that I get it wrong. But, the victory for me in my life right now is that I have identified my hardest thing...and I am embracing it. What is the hardest thing for you? Do you know?