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Sunday Recap

It was one of those weeks...I chose a new song ("All Praise to God") and I loved it all week. It went ok in rehearsal. It just didn't cut it on Sunday. I love the song and I will definitely do it on my own on acoustic, but it just didn't work... the band agreed. We added "The Doxology" to the end and it was cool - I definitely recommend doing that if you do this song. Don't get me wrong - this is a GREAT SONG! It just didn't work for us. I changed the order after the 1st service - didn't like the way the songs were working with the other elements. It went SO much better in the 2nd service. We opened with "We Stand" by Lee McDerment. It rocked! This is GREAT opener and the people loved it! My 9-volt in my acoustic died during the 2nd service, so I had to switch over to keys for "All Praise to God" (which I had never played on keys before!) but we pulled it off. Just a weird day...Here was our service flow (from the 2nd service).

"We Stand" - Lee McDerment
"Sing to the King"  - Foote
"Let Me Sing" - Fields
Psalm 96 Reading
"All Praise to God" - Foote- w/ "The Doxology"
Time of Response
"Lord of All" - Stanfill

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