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Sunday Recap - Mother's Day

I chose very familiar worship today. Partly because we have been doing some new stuff lately, and I wanted to have a familiar week in there. Also, because we usually have guests with us on Mother's Day. Thirdly, because of the Message topic. We continued with Part 4 of our Message Series called My House with....the bedroom. Yes, this fell on Mother's Day. Best of all, my hubby was up to preach live this Sunday! Yes, the one message every pastor tries to avoid and then to have to do it on Mother's Day. He did a fantastic job. Yes, I am biased, but I love my husband enough to tell him when....well...he doesn't quite "bring it." That was not the case yesterday. With such a tough subject, I was so amazed how strongly he presented God's Word and His standard on the subject of sex and yet with such compassion to those who have been abused by the misuse of it. At the end of His message, he wrapped it up by talking about God's redemption. I shared a brief testimony and a word of encouragement to all women that as a church, we are committed to helping them walk the journey of restoration and forgiveness if there has been abuse in their lives. I then sang "Healer" over them before we had our Time of Response. It was a neat moment. I've never considered myself a "speaker" but this was one time, I felt VERY compelled to share my heart with our church campus as their Pastor's wife and their Worship Leader. We had 1 person indicated that they accepted Christ yesterday. Praise God!

Here was our service order...

"Come, Now is the Time to Worship"
"Everlasting God"
Baptism Video
Message Bumper
Message: The Bedroom
Prayer of Invitation
Time of Response
"Mighty to Save"

I edited a video of our Baptism from last year spotlighting 4 people from our campus that were baptized. It was very cool. Our Beach Baptism is this Sunday and I can't wait! We honored all women by giving them a carnation as they entered the Worship Center and my 18 year old cellist, Rob, brought me flowers! The band said he only did it because he was late :) but it was so sweet. He's leaving for college soon and I'm trying not to think about it. It was a fabulous Mothers Day. How was yours?

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