Fresh Blood
Sunday Recap - Memorial Day Weekend


Last night, we hosted a vision night for our church campus. We gave an update on finances, future plans, and the BIGGEST news of all...we are GOING LIVE every week now with our Message instead of video. Our Senior Pastor, Jeff, co-led the night with Todd. These guys have known each other for 23 years. Todd was in Jeff's youth group as a kid. I was sitting in the back of the room observing these two men talking about God's vision for this church (and I was kicking myself that I left my iphone at home!!!) and I just was hit with one word...legacy. How many of us a ministry leaders get the opportunity to see those we invest in actually go out and do their thing on their own and then get to serve with them as colleagues? I was overwhelmed for Pastor Jeff, thinking about his 26 years of ministry and that he is getting to be a part of the fruit of that work through Todd's life as his Campus Pastor on Hilton Head. We had about 80 people total there last night including kids...there was SUCH excitement about the road ahead. For me, I was smacked in the face once again with the importance of investing in the lives of our students. They are our future. I just saw it play out right before my eyes.