Sunday Recap

The question

Over the next 3 days, the world is once again confronted with the question that is asked every year..."What will you do with Jesus?" Will you deny His claim, simply ignore Him, investigate Him, embrace Him, or worship Him? I have had all of the responses mentioned above except one. I have never denied Christ's claim that He is the Son of God and was sent to this earth as the sacrifice for mankind to be redeemed from our sin. As a kid, this was something I was taught. However, when I was old enough to find out for myself and "get to the bottom of all of this", the proof of Christ's claim was overwhelming. I have to admit there have been seasons of my life that I have ignored Him. The truth of who He is never changed-I just chose to live my life outside of it. What is your answer? Maybe you never thought about the fact that you do answer this question every year at Easter. What will you do with Jesus this year? This isn't a pitch for you to attend one of our Easter Services at LowCountry Community Church. Don't get me wrong-We would love to have you! But just attending church on Easter weekend doesn't answer the question.