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Sunday Recap - My 1st Worship Confessional


The Locator graphic We had 3 services this weekend...1 Saturday night and 2 Sunday morning. This week is the Heritage Golf Tournament which means all the schools take Spring Break this week. Let's just say it was VERY difficult to get volunteers to serve since most were out of town. I was a little nervous about the whole weekend because of that and as usual, there was no reason to be. The volunteers we had STEPPED IT UP and I even had an extra video person for Sunday (thanks, Charlie!) For me, Easter is always a strange service to plan and a strange service to lead worship. In every church I have served, you have the most visitors so they don't know the songs you choose. As worship leaders and creative directors,  I know we never want anything that we do to be a distraction to people meeting God for the 1st time. I LABOR over the song choices and service elements...praying and asking God what to do. I made a change the week before on one song because I sensed it wasn't the right choice and after the weekend services, I knew God led me to make that change because it was the RIGHT change! Here was our service order. I am listing the name of the worship leader, not necessarily the author that we used the arrangement for on these songs.

"You're Alive" - Tim Hughes
Scripture Reading - Matthew 28 (The MSG)
"Happy Day"  - Kristian Stanfill
"How He Loves" - Kim Walker
"To Bring You Back" - Paul Allen
Prayer of Invitation/Wrap
"Sing Sing Sing" - Chris Tomlin

We did not do our usual worship stations and time of response at the end of our service for a couple of reasons. First, I have a strong belief in not doing communion on Easter because it is the celebration of Christ being alive. Also, because our room is small, we were concerned about having enough space since our worship stations are positioned along our walls. We did need the space for the last service as we were at capacity, so that was a good choice. We also premiered "THE WALL" which is a space we have created in our worship center for local artists to show their work. This is a dream come true in in our worship space. Thanks to Jen for ALL her hard work putting it together!

Pastor Jeff spoke on Christ being "The Locator" in our lives - doing whatever it takes to find us. If you haven't seen this show on the WE network - you gotta see it.  Troy Dunn is "The Locator" and he connects people with lost family members.  We used an edited portion of the show as the lead in video - it was powerful. We found a great song, "To Bring You Back", that pulled it altogether at the end.  Pastor Jeff set the song up at the end of his message and we performed it live at both campuses. We use a DVD of our Pastor's message every week, but the way it flowed this weekend, I bet some people thought it was live! (Our Bluffton Campus had a Friday night service so we taped that one and used it all weekend on our campus.)

We had 231 people in attendance which is highest ever in our 18-month life as a church campus. We had 4 people we know accepted Christ. To God be the glory!

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