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Sunday Recap

Yesterday was just a great day of worship...I felt that people really came to worship God. Bill did an amazing job on "Beautiful the Blood." The highlight for me was our Response Time.  I lifted the cello and flute parts from the recording of "Child of God"  and our players executed them with such grace and musicality - it was unbelievable!  Going out of that into "Our God Reigns" and just letting that happen as the Spirit led us was such a great experience. I love being able to switch between acoustic and keys now depending on the song. It has created such diversity for me as a worship leader. Here was our service:

"Awesome is the Lord" - Tomlin
"O Praise Him" - Crowder
Scripture Reading - Psalm 25
"Beautiful the Blood" - Fee
Time of Response
"Child of God" - Vineyard
"Our God Reigns" - Passion

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