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What I Learned at Unleash

3405513 This past week, our staff traveled in 2 unmarked white vans :) to Anderson, SC for NewSpring Church's one-day conference, UNLEASH. This was our 2nd year attending this as a staff so there were a lot of things that were repeats, but definitely one "heart" thing that I wanted to share.

Lee McDerment's session on the heart of a worship leader really hit me where I am right now.  Lee has been in a portable situation with a handful of people to where he is today leading thousands in worship every week in their own facility.  I appreciated his honesty and transparency. To be honest, I don't need more "how to" in my life.  I need encouragement and that it was he gave us. He shared something so simple that I have written it down in my journal to read everyday.  My priorities are 1. I am child of God  2. I am a minister to others 3. I am a musician... in that order.  Simple, but very profound. I love being a musician and I love serving others and I am so thankful to be a child of God...but THE ORDER IS IMPORTANT.   It is diffcult in church planting to not be about "doing." It was easier for me when I was in a large church with staff and a ton of volunteers to not be about "doing." In this season of life with young children and a young church, SO much more discipline is required in my life to not let it be about serving and doing.  I am a child of the King, first and foremost! The trip was worth that session for me. I've been pondering this for the last 2 days and asking God what that looks like in my life. Fill in the blank on #3 with what you do (if you're not a musician). Do you need to be reminded of THE ORDER?