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Sunday Recap - SERVE DAY Stories

Sunday Recap - SERVE DAY!

Serve day Yesterday, we got outside our church walls and served our Island community. Here was our service:

"Sing, Sing. Sing" - Tomlin
Welcome/Get into teams/Greet
Scripture Reading - Romans 12
Prayer of Dedication over Serve Day
"Happy Day" - Hughes

After our "Pep Rally", we did the following: visited nursing homes and assisted care facilities, visited patients in the hospital, cleaned up trash on our roads, painted the gym of our boys and girls club, did repair projects on our campus, prepared 18,500 plastic Easter eggs for our BIG Community hunt in a month.

The weather was AWFUL, so we canceled a couple of outside projects, but that did not keep almost 100 percent of our active attending congregation from participating!!! The consensus after today was that we should do this as a church campus once a quarter on Saturdays.  Everyone's projects went well and NEXT WEEK are are going to share the stories live, through video, and with pictures in our services. I CAN"T WAIT!!!

Join me at Fred's for more Sunday setlists.