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New Stage Design pics


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We took a former library and converted it into a Worship Center last summer.  We painted the ceiling black, added can lights and NEVER use the fluorescent lights...this gives it a more intimate feel. We have 4 Leiko Ellipsoidals to front light the stage (not lit in pics).  It is amazing how focused you can get those lights and not hit the MASSIVE TV's that we use (two 42 inch and one 51 inch in the middle.) We used pipe and drape when we initially set-up the room, but over the last couple of weeks, we hung the drape from rebar in the ceiling and it looks SO much better. We hung 2 Par 64 LED lights on each side of the stage (4 total) this past week and we use 4 Par 64 LED lights on the stage for accent lighting. We added some staging to give it more depth and to bring the cross station more into the room. We lit our 5 purposes banner as well (moving it from the lobby to the stage).  I will say, for hardly any money, we really gave the room a nice "re-do" heading into the Easter season. These pics don't really do it justice (I should have taken them at night.) Even with breaker issues and some slight TV glare from the windows on the left (drapes are not in the budget right now!) I am just ticked pink at how well our room has come together! Of course, once you do this, you think...Hmmm...if I just had 4 MORE LED lights :)