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listening while doing

I know God is up to something in my life right now.  I'm having these "moments" of introspection and that typically means HE something that HE really wants to tell me, but I have to listen. I mentioned last week that I am working on being a child of God first, a servant to others second, and a musician third - in that order. But, I am also praying that I will listen more and do less so that I can hear HIS heart for me, my family, my ministry, and my music. If Martha had a twin, it would be me! I heard someone say that life is not about finding balance, but finding harmony. I know God created me with this insatiable passion of doing and serving, but I need to listen WHILE I am doing.

Do you tend to be a listener or a doer? Do you struggle with finding the harmony?

BTW - I'm glad loswhit is back in the blogosphere again, but he really messed me up with this post the other day. Check it out!