Sunday Recap

This is love

098 Valentine's Day is my favorite holiday.  I love all the big red hearts filled with candy, giant teddy bears, red roses, and mushy cards.  I love romantic movies, especially "Sleepless in Seattle" which was the movie Todd and I always call "our movie." Todd knows how much I love this day and goes all out every year. I even got my own personal e-vite this year to a magical evening for the two of us. Well, that did not happen. Between my daughter's double ear infection and strep and MY strep throat, it's been a week.  Todd has dealt with the 2 of us being ill, working his job, answering my phone and dealing with my job,  keeping up the house, handling our very active 2 year old (he's not sick!), and trying to keep all of us fed and taking meds on a schedule...this is love.  No mushy card or candy (which I got this morning when I woke up) can show love like what my husband has done this week. I won't remember this as the best Valentine's Day ever (because I still feel horrible!) but it will definitely be the one that I remember that I saw love in action.  No movie, sappy card, or romantic dinner can top this. I love you, honey.  You are my  "Knight in shinning armor with medication and hot tea"...all my love.