Recreate - Day 3 & 4

Sunday Recap

This was our first week being same message/same week because our Bluffton Campus started a Saturday night service. In theory, we thought it would work, but you love it when it REALLY works! I attended the Saturday night service and it was great.  I got the hand off of the DVD (straight burn from image mag to DVD) and the new worship folders (new design - love it!) and we were ready to go on Sunday. The DVD looked great and sounded great. Our tech team rehearsed the DVD cue on the front and back end several times in soundcheck and did great in the service with the cues. Our Tech Pastor in Bluffton attended our services on Sunday and he said he was pleased with the overall product. Whew...I'm taking a nice, big breath today.

I tried something different in our service this week. I moved the Message up sooner in the service and left more time at the end for response and reflection. I really liked it! Here was the service flow...

'Unchanging"  - Tomlin
"Forever" - Tomlin
Time of Response
"Mystery"  - Hall
Responsive Scripture Reading - Isaiah 61:1-11 (Key chapter for this message series)
"Everlasting God" - Brown

We all get into ruts from time to time and it is VERY hard to change that sometimes. We had a lot of run-through in soundcheck so that everyone got the transitions and understood the emotional flow of the service. I was pleased. We had 7 people accept Jesus Christ as their Savior between the 2 services...Praise God!

After being gone all week at Recreate, I was so pumped to be back with our people. Meet me at Fred's for more discussion...(I got to meet Fred this past week! It's awesome when bloggers ACTUALLY meet face-to-face!)