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Recreate - Day 1

Sunday Recap

On your mark graphic It was a year ago this week that I made a big decision at recreate. I decided to learn to lead worship on the acoustic guitar.  I have been a keyboard player my whole life (thus my twitter name, cynkeys). I knew that if I just practiced and focused on it, I could do it...well, yesterday, I lead the entire worship service with my acoustic. I've lead songs here and there over the last year, but I finally had the courage to commit to doing an entire service on acoustic. My band was small yesterday...acoustic, drums, and another singer...so I was really exposed!  I dropped a pick once, but reached in my pocket to get another with cat-like reflexes:) I did have the keyboard next to me and ready to go in case I broke a string (which I was so nervous I would do!) I will never be Charlie Peacock, but I'm making progress. Here was our service...

"Lord Reign in Me" - Brenton Brown
Scripture Reading
"You are Worthy of My Praise" - David Ruis
"Here is Our King" -  David Crowder
Time of Response
"You are the Light" - Steve Fee

Pastor Jeff closed out his series, "On Your Mark...Get Set," with a pretty intense call for each of us to look into our hearts and ask God to reveal any condescending attitudes that we may have toward people that are of another race, gender, or social status.   It was amazing and so convicting. We are adding a Saturday night service this coming week at our Bluffton Campus which will allow us to have the message the same week on our campus. Pastor Jeff taped this message for us this week so we could go ahead and catch up. I'm very excited to be tallking in the present tense and not a week-delayed! It was a great day.

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