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Sunday Recap

We are in our 4th week of being the same message on the same week and I am LOVING it!.  I feel so much more like one church in two locations.  Pastor Jeff interviewed 4 other pastors (Including Todd from our campus) who have recently started churches in our county. Our county, Beaufort, is the most unchurched county in the state of South Carolina...only 9 percent attend church.  Pastor Jeff invited our people to LEAVE LowCountry Community today...he encouraged all of us to be about the Kingdom of God and if that means us joining another church in our area that is just starting to help them reach people, than GO...just don't sit on the sidelines. It is such a privilege for me to be a part of a church that doesn't believe that WE are the only ones doing it right.  It's about the KINGDOM, baby! Here was our service...

"All Because of Jesus" - Steve Fee
Welcome. Announcements
"Hear Our Praises" - Hillsongs
"Agnus Dei" - MWS
Scripture Reading
Time of Response
"God of This City" - Tomlin

Musically, it was great to have Rob on cello and Susan on flute...I arranged a duet for them on "Agnus Dei" and they just killed it! I love adding different instruments to the color of our worship from week to week. I love rocking it out...don't get me wrong! But, when I change up the instrumentation, it feel likes when an artist decides to use an entirely different color in his painting.  Thanks, guys, for the color change today!

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