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Sunday Recap

Is it me or does this happen to you ? The week that you are doing music that is really challenging vocally you get sick...yeah, that was this week.  You know how it plan and plan to have the right players with you to intro a song or whatever, and you end up being the weakest link. I was laying in bed (with strep throat) on Saturday morning with less than 24 hours before I had to pull of songs that on my best day are challenging and I was doing some serious praying! God pulled me through. I did an open mic recording of the music yesterday and listened back and I was pleasantly surprised. I loved how this service came out - the flow, the message by our Mission Pastor, the music I chose - it was just a great service.

"Counting on God" - Jared Anderson
"Because of Your Love" - Paul Baloche
Welcome/ Announcements
Time of Response
"Not Too Far From Here" - Ty Lacy/Steve Siler
"Mighty To Save"
Scripture Reading - Psalm 146
"Solution" - Hillsongs United

I labor over how to take people from one element in a service to the next.  For some reason, this service in particular got re-worked several times and some songs changed.  The Holy Spirit kept wrestling with me on this service and I truly saw after yesterday the beauty of that struggle and how glad I was for it. Our congregations are filled with linear and non-linear people and we need to create experiences that engage all people. Not all of us receive inspiration and spiritual encouragement in the same way...we are all unique. Some of us are analytical...some are artists...some are fill in the blank. Our worship experiences need to allow for space for everyone to worship God as they worship Spirit and in Truth....However, this week, my plans were not His plans. HE is the MASTER service programmer, isn't He?

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