I'm not being rude, really
Sunday Recap - SERVE DAY!

39 days

Through our campus blog, we began a 40 day prayer journey toward Easter yesterday (we exclude Sundays since we pray together.) I have made a commitment to take these next days ahead to pray earnestly and for the beauty of the cross to overwhelm me. I have spent the last 2 days confessing my shortcomings and asking God to reveal those things that prevent me from true intimacy with Him. I have been amazed at the things that God has brought to my attention... Attitudes, pride, immaturity... And the freedom I feel being honest with God about these things causing distance between me and my God. I'm looking forward to the journey ahead and 39 days of focused time with Him.

Are you doing anything to prepare your heart for Easter?

Click the link below to join us on our prayer journey... Campus blog