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What a day it has been

Sunday Recap

Do you remember the A-Team? Hannibal would say, "I love it when a plan comes together" at the end of most episodes. As a Type -A-overachieving-control-freak Worship Arts Director, that is what I want to say when the worship service is over.  However, God has patiently taught me the last 14 years or so that it is not my plans, but His that matter.  We heard Pt. 2 of Pastor Jeff's "State of the Union" to our church yesterday and it was all about CHANGE...taking the next step wherever you are in your spiritual journey.   I chose worship songs that celebrated the Attributes of God and His Redemption of Man because in the light of who He is and what He has done, we can change.  I knew the message would require some time for people to process what our Pastor was saying, but before the Message, I rocked it out.  I did a song that has become one of our favorites in our campuses' 18 months of old one, but a good one...'Trading my Sorrows."  I don't use a road map on this song - the band just follows.  People were REALLY getting into it and were belting it out..."Yes, Lord, Yes Lord.." Well, I had NO idea that Pastor Jeff was going to make saying "Yes to God" as a key part of his message!  So for all of you HHI attendees who thought, "Man, that really connected!" Yeah, all God...not me. Here was our service...

"All Because of Jesus" - Fee
"Salvation is Here" - Hillsongs
Small group interview
"Trading My Sorrows" - Evans
Scripture Reading - Acts 2
"You are God" - Charlie Hall
"Center" - Charlie Hall

 I introduced " You are God" to our congregation...such a great song.  We had a Small Group leader interview a small group attender...I gave the small group leader a lot of lattitude to script that himself (just gave him a time limit and told him to help our people see what they are missing out on by not being in a small group.) They knocked it out of the park! I honestly believe that when we allow our people to tell our people truth, it is SO much more powerful than when we who are PAID staff tell them the same thing.

And drum roll please....We had 3 people pray to receive CHRIST!  Glory to God!

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