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Sunday Recap - 1st Service in 2009

We are one week delayed on our campus (which is coming to an end in 4 weeks when our core campus adds a Saturday night service). This means that there are some weeks that we go live to catch up or to fill between series. Yesterday was one of those days. Todd gave a great message on "The Symbols of the Savior" and then we took communion together. We offer communion every week at our campus as a option during our time of response, but I love it when we can make it the whole service and everything centers around it. The band loves it because we do more music!  Here was our service...
 "Counting on God" - Desperation Band (This song is aweseom - especially with our current world situation).
Scripture Reading - Philippians 2:1-11
"Beautiful the Blood" - Fee
"Lord of All" - Kristian Stanfill
Message (15 minutes)
The Bread
"Mystery" - Charlie Hall
The Wine
"Amazing Love (You are My King)"
Time of Response - Giving station open
"Everlasting God" - Brenton Brown
"Because of Your Love"  - Paul Baloche

I played keys on everything yesterday which was fun since I have been going back and forth on keys and acoustic a lot lately.  For you chic keyboard worship leaders out there, doing "Mystery" into "Amazing Love" was awesome - I did them in the same key...nice flow! It was a tremendous simple and yet I felt so renewed and refreshed leading it and being a part of it. I can't think of a better service for us to start 2009!
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