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Engage - North Point Ministries January 09 Newsletter

Sunday Recap

Biggest_whiner_statue_1 The hardest thing for me at my current church is that I have been spoiled my entire Worship Arts life. Serving at larger churches with a lot of worship staff (yeah, cry me a river, right?) makes you very comfortable because there are others that do what you do. This is the 1st church that I have served where I am the only worship leader on my campus on a regular basis.  Our High School Pastor, Rob, comes over to our campus every other month and leads if we can work out the schedule, but I still usually play in the band since I'm not 2 deep on any band position (yet!)  I know some of you are saying, "Hey Cyn, welcome to what the rest of us do every week!  WHINER!!!" BUT, I got really sick this week...THE WORST head cold/sinus whatever-thing and I was out for 3-4 days.  I was SO thankful that Rob was already scheduled to lead worship on our campus...I just didn't have it and God knew I needed help. Doesn't He always know what we need before we do? Anyway, it was an AWESOME service!  Rob leads with such passion and energy.  Our people love him! Rob and I are a great team..I played keys/sang some BGV's with Christine. We tore it UP on "Lord of All." Calling all female worship leaders!!! This song is SO cool with a female lead. Christine just threw it down.  Here was our service...

"Sing, Sing, Sing" - Tomlin
"Happy Day" - Hughes
"Let Me Sing" - Fields
Scripture Reading - Acts 4:32-37
"Praise the Father, Praise the Son" - Tomlin
"Lord of All" - Kristian Stanfill

Pastor Jeff laid it on the line today about what God says about our money. The coolest thing, however, was the green room conversation that I had with our band about the subject.  God is doing something in our team and I am DEFINITELY convinced it is because our Pastor is not holding back sharing with us what he is hearing from God.  "Leadership is nothing more than listening to God and then doing it." I loved that statement today from Jeff.  People are signing up left and right for Financial Peace that we kick off tomorrow night on both campuses. We also had several families on both campuses commit to start giving on a committed basis.  I sense from twitter that the economic crisis is really waking up THE CHURCH as a whole. I really believe God is positioning THE CHURCH for something incredible that I know I have not seen in my generation..are we ready for this?

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