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Calling ALL worship leaders!

Sunday Recap

On your mark graphic I heard through my fellow tweets that yesterday was a record attendance in churches across the country. LCC-HHI was no different!  We had 149 in 2 services which was our highest, non-holiday attendance in our history. Our Lead Pastor, Jeff Cranston, delivered Part 1 of his "State of the Union" to our church based on his 3-month sabbitical in the fall. After 15 years on a church staff and being raised in church my whole life, I've heard a lot of sermons. However, yesterday's message was definitely one of the most heart-felt and God-given messages I have ever heard in my life.  Pastor Jeff ABSOLUTELY delievered. He didn't script his message like he normally does...he just read from his moleskin and it was POWERFUL! Our people were hanging on every word (including me!) He shared his dreams for this community and his passion to reach every person of every demographic in this area...yeah, it was amazing.  Here was our service...
"There's No One Like Our God" - Vineyard
"Awesome is the Lord Most High" - Tomlin
Responsive Scripture Reading - from Psalm 66
"Alleluia (More Than Worthy)" - Sheri Carr
Time of Response
"God of this City" - Tomlin
"Hear our Praises" - Hillsongs
We added a prayer station this week to our Time of Response...we give people the opportunity every week to take communion, give at our giving station, worship through song, serve by taking a OneCommunity Bag to fill with food, and now a prayer station. We reset our chairs to give us more room up front and I added 2 small benches and about 6 pillows for people to come forward and pray. I also had paper and pens in baskets for anyone to write prayers to God and leave them (we do not read these).  Our people responded and it was great. I had 2 new volunteers in audio and production and they did a FABULOUS job. It was an awesome day...I don't know what God is up to in our church right now, but I can't wait to find out!

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