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Sunday Recap

On your mark graphic I heard through my fellow tweets that yesterday was a record attendance in churches across the country. LCC-HHI was no different!  We had 149 in 2 services which was our highest, non-holiday attendance in our history. Our Lead Pastor, Jeff Cranston, delivered Part 1 of his "State of the Union" to our church based on his 3-month sabbitical in the fall. After 15 years on a church staff and being raised in church my whole life, I've heard a lot of sermons. However, yesterday's message was definitely one of the most heart-felt and God-given messages I have ever heard in my life.  Pastor Jeff ABSOLUTELY delievered. He didn't script his message like he normally does...he just read from his moleskin and it was POWERFUL! Our people were hanging on every word (including me!) He shared his dreams for this community and his passion to reach every person of every demographic in this area...yeah, it was amazing.  Here was our service...
"There's No One Like Our God" - Vineyard
"Awesome is the Lord Most High" - Tomlin
Responsive Scripture Reading - from Psalm 66
"Alleluia (More Than Worthy)" - Sheri Carr
Time of Response
"God of this City" - Tomlin
"Hear our Praises" - Hillsongs
We added a prayer station this week to our Time of Response...we give people the opportunity every week to take communion, give at our giving station, worship through song, serve by taking a OneCommunity Bag to fill with food, and now a prayer station. We reset our chairs to give us more room up front and I added 2 small benches and about 6 pillows for people to come forward and pray. I also had paper and pens in baskets for anyone to write prayers to God and leave them (we do not read these).  Our people responded and it was great. I had 2 new volunteers in audio and production and they did a FABULOUS job. It was an awesome day...I don't know what God is up to in our church right now, but I can't wait to find out!

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An abstract life

41tvRoLK+GL._BO2,204,203,200_PIsitb-sticker-arrow-click,TopRight,35,-76_AA240_SH20_OU01_ I'm back in the gym, baby! This week, I listened to Andy Stanley's podcasts' from the last 3 weeks of the series "The Best Question Ever"  (we are going to do this study in our small group this semester.) I was struck with this quote from the last message...You need to listen to it so I won't give it all away, but here's the line..."Abstract art is cool, but an abstract life is not." Chew on that for awhile. I want 2009 to be anything BUT abstract. Let's just say that I am evaluating right now. What about you?

I got the message

Hi, I'm Cynthia...I'm a workaholic. I made a commitment to God, myself, and my family that in 2009, I am going to work less. I have been very convicted about it the last few months.  I LOVE to work...I love my job...I have been working since I was 14.   I admit, being a mother and a part-time staff member is difficult to manage. I want to be with my kids and I want to work - it's tough. I am very fulfilled by contributing to an organization in some way - part-time or full-time - I really like being a part of team. I love spending time with my kids and being mom.  It brings me the greatest joy in life...Yeah, I'm a mess. Anyway, Monday is the day I have set aside to not work. I allow myself to respond to e-mail (thanks to my wonderful new iphone!), but I cannot generate an e-mail to anyone about anything work related on Mondays...and I did it this week. Boy, it was hard.  I had so many ideas and things about worship arts that I wanted to get started and I didn't do it. I had a great day with the kids - playing outside, reading books - it was awesome! Tuesdays are my long days and yesterday was one of those days. I was a little irritated that I didn't have enough time to do all I wanted, but I let it go. Wednesdays, I have morning stuff, pick the kids up from school and then work from home. Do you know what happened today?  Both of my kids fell asleep in the car on the way home from school so I transferred them to their beds...Sean is STILL sleeping 3 hours later!  Sydney woke up about an hour later and then a friend called and picked her up for a play date!  I got back every minute I would have worked on Monday and MORE because I have had 3 hours of no interruptions! I got the message, God, LOUD AND CLEAR!

Sunday Recap - 1st Service in 2009

We are one week delayed on our campus (which is coming to an end in 4 weeks when our core campus adds a Saturday night service). This means that there are some weeks that we go live to catch up or to fill between series. Yesterday was one of those days. Todd gave a great message on "The Symbols of the Savior" and then we took communion together. We offer communion every week at our campus as a option during our time of response, but I love it when we can make it the whole service and everything centers around it. The band loves it because we do more music!  Here was our service...
 "Counting on God" - Desperation Band (This song is aweseom - especially with our current world situation).
Scripture Reading - Philippians 2:1-11
"Beautiful the Blood" - Fee
"Lord of All" - Kristian Stanfill
Message (15 minutes)
The Bread
"Mystery" - Charlie Hall
The Wine
"Amazing Love (You are My King)"
Time of Response - Giving station open
"Everlasting God" - Brenton Brown
"Because of Your Love"  - Paul Baloche

I played keys on everything yesterday which was fun since I have been going back and forth on keys and acoustic a lot lately.  For you chic keyboard worship leaders out there, doing "Mystery" into "Amazing Love" was awesome - I did them in the same key...nice flow! It was a tremendous simple and yet I felt so renewed and refreshed leading it and being a part of it. I can't think of a better service for us to start 2009!
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Children change everything

IMG_6208 I was one of those who waited...I waited 9 years before diving into the deep know, parenting. We lived our 20's, worked hard, played hard, got into debt, paid it off.  We flew to NYC one year on Christmas Day and had brunch at the Waldorf-Astoria.  Life was...well, all about what we were into and working. It was fun, real fun. Then I turned 30...I was ready. Our precious little girl Sydney came along the day before my 31st birthday (the BEST present ever!) and then Sean was born almost 3 years later.  They have changed everything. It didn't help either that Todd and I decided to get mobile and move 3 times in the last 3 years!  Yeah, we have had A LOT of change. Forget the change of addresses, I have changed.  I don't want to buy clothes for me...I want to buy for them.  I don't care about gifts for me...I want to take Syd to Disney on her 5 year old birthday (it's free this year on your birthday!)  Disney is killing me...we have to have ALL the princess stuf - DVD's, dresses - ALL of it! Sean has more little cars and trucks - I can't stop! All of this to say that my parents took us to hear the ASO on New Year's Eve and it was fabulous. But, all I could think about was how I wanted Sydney and Sean to hear it and experience it.  It will never be the same and I don't care.  Life is more of an adventure now and there are no blue-prints. For those Seinfeld fans, "I'm out there, baby, and I'm loving it!"


Walmart took our car keys...actually, Todd hooked them to a basket on July 4th and they were never found(yeah, you can ask Todd why he hooked them to a cart!) We've checked at customer service almost everytime we go...nothing. For me, the idea of spending hundreds of dollars (yes, thanks to computer chips in keys) for each of us to have our own set of car keys has not been a priority. However, it is stressful sometimes thinking I have the only key to my van. Today, Todd had a diaper run to Walmart and thought he would just ask...yeah, there they were. Let's just say our New Year is off to a GREAT start!

2009 is here

Let's just get to are my resolutions in no particular order.
1. Lose 7 pounds
2. Make skinny vanilla lattes my new drink of choice instead of white mochas.
3.Read through the Bible in a year.
4. Give up Dr. Pepper
5. Develop a picture prayer journal ( I'll talk about this in more detail soon.)

Do you have any to share?