Sunday Recap

Intentional words

Blogging forces me to take very seriously what I think and how I say
it. At times, I know I am a lousy communicator, however I make every
effort to speak from my heart. I'm far from being the most profound
thinker of my generation, but I know I am contributing to the overall
conversation. I want the reader to think. That is my reason. Seth
Godin's recent blog entry reminded me of the importance of my words.
Here's a excerpt...

"The neat thing about the online world is that you are judged almost
entirely by your actions, usually based on just your fingers. If you
do generous things, people think you are a generous person. If you
bully people, people assume,you are a bully. If you ask dumb
questions, people figure you're dumb. Answer questions well and people
assume you're smart and interactions are largely
expected to be intentional. On purpose. Planned. People assume you did
stuff for a reason."

What is your reason?

(Go to to read the entire article.)