What a day it has been
Sunday Recap

1 pound

ImagesBaby_Ruth_Logo  I was the 20-year-old who started her day with a Baby Ruth and a Dr. Pepper and never thought about it. High metabolism...very active...no big deal.  Then my late 20's hit and I started adding a pound a year. Then the gaining and losing game of my early to mid 30's with having children really freaked me out.  I gained about 35 pounds with my first child, but lost about 45 pounds by the time she was 2. I had a good friend who I walked with 3 times a week and she really helped encourage me to learn about portion control and calories. I gained about the same amount with my 2nd pregnancy, but this time, I have not been able to lose the last little bit. I made a promise to myself that by Sean's 2nd birthday, I could no longer use the excuse that is was "baby weight."  Well, February 5th is coming, and I have 1 pound left! I don't believe in diets, because it won't last. Here's what I'm doing...

  1. I know how many calories I should have each day for my height and my weight-loss goals. Click here to find that out for you.
  2. I am learning to have a lifestyle of exercising 3 times a week. Cardio, weights, and core training. 
  3. I am being aware of what I put in my mouth! Click here for a list of my favorite treats.
  4. I  do not eat after 7PM. The only exception is if I skip dinner that night becuase of rehearsal or something and can't eat till later.  I usually choose cereal for dinner on those nights.
  5. I downloaded the livestrong app for my iphone which lets me see the calorie-count at restaurants and fast food places so I know as I pull through Chick-fil-A what my best choice will be.
  6. I don't worry about tomorrow.  I just try to make the right decisions today.

So, I will report on Feb 5th if I met my goal. What about you?  Are you dieting this year or changing your lifestyle?