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Theater and kids

544257KatarinaWeb   I attended Sydney's field trip yesterday to the Arts Center of Coastal Carolina  to attend the play, Katerina the Clever as presented by the Lexington Children's Theater. This is a Russian folktale about a clever young peasant girl who outwits her ruler. With the help of a goat - her best friend and loyal sidekick - she answers four riddles posed by the Tsar, earning his respect and the position of chief advisor. It was such a treat to see live theater presented for a young age in such a delightful and energetic way. I was watching the play and just thanking God that I have the opportunity to expose my child to the arts at her young age. We saw the Little Mermaid over the Thanksgiving holidays in NYC and it was amazing (I blogged more about our trip here our our family blog.) Yes- I admit it... I am living a little through my daughter right now - I make no apologies!  I cannot express in words the joy of seeing Sydney's face light up as she saw and heard "Ariel" sing on stage. The arts will always be a HUGE part of our lives and I contribute so much of her creativity and imaginative play to the early exposure of live theater and the arts in her life.

Have you attended anything great this holiday season with your kids?

A Day at NewSpring

Pastor Jeff is a part of Perry's coaching network so today, he brought some of us from LCC to meet with Perry's staff and do some breakout sessions. Perry is a huge motivator and a straight-shooter adn that is why I enjoy being around him. Here are some thoughts I'm taking home with me today...
1. I need to believe that God can do the impossible.
2. One of the most dangerous things that God can allow a church to experience is success because some people cannot handle the favor of God.
3. I am a servant of the Most High God. I hold the towel for the God of all.
4. My days are numbered.
5. I did what, God?
I was also really challenged to invtie those around me that I forget about to our Christmas Services.  I get busy and forget my business is others and that they hear about the King of Kings, especially this time of year. This rocked!

Dirty Little Rascals 3

Dirty_3_web One of our video guys, Joel, was one of the editors on this movie produced by Fuel Clothing.  It was a collage of extreme sports from skateboarding, BMX, motorbikes, surfing, snowboarding, etc...I was SO proud of the editing job that Joel did  - he's a freshman in high school!!! Kudos, Joel and thanks for signing my copy of the movie!

Sunday Recap


Do you remember the Seinfeld when Kramer is at "1st and 1st" and tells Jerry "I'm a the Nexis of the universe?" Well, that is kinda of how I felt this weekend. I ran my right hand into a wall accidentally on Friday and bruised it (depth perception problems!), we went to 2 services yesterday, offered a Christmas Brunch in between services, did HUGE music with carols and other more difficult than normal stuff, had our 1st Baby Dedication (which is kind of a production the way we do it) , my service producer threw her back out and was not there yesterday, my husband preached (which he normally does not), and my 4 year old had 102 fever all weekend!!!! Yeah, I took a killer nap yesterday.  It was a fabulous day!  Going to 2 services did exactly what we thought it would and really gave us some breathing room. We have been averaging in the 110's lately and had 136 yesterday. The service flowed great!  I chose a mix of carols and songs of reflection that complemented the holiday season, but also tied well with Todd's message on the Holy Spirit. Most of these were my arrangements so it was a lot of fun!  Here was our setlist...
1. All Hail the Power of Jesus' Name with Joy to the World
2. Hark! The Herald Angels Sing
3. Do you Hear What I Hear ?  - Third Day
4. Breathe - Vineyard
5. Agnus Dei - MWS
We also did our first Baby dedication at our campus. We really go all out for these. We give each family a small Baby New Testament , a red rose in a vase (to acknowledge their child as an addition to the church family), and 2 letters - one that thanks them for being there and the other is for their child to open on the day that they accept Christ as their Savior so they know they were prayed for as a child. Todd prayed over the family and the child - it took 5 minutes!  We will always do these on an individual basis.  Believe it or not, even if you are a mega church , you can fit these in (I used to!) We just had certain Sundays we would schedule these and believe me, people LOVE this and invite their pre-Christian family and friends and it makes a HUGE impact.
Brunch was was just a fabulous day. Our wonderful friend, Janice, came to our house and stayed with Sydney because of her illness (Doc said today it's an ear infection.) In the 15 months we have been doing services, this was the 1st time I had a sick baby on a Sunday morning. God is good! Glad it's Monday.

Check out more setlists at Fred's!

Ask, Seek, Knock

I was listening to John Piper while doing cardio at the gym yesterday and as he usually does, he elevates the obvious and makes it profound. What hit me the most was the 3 ways that Piper said that we are told to get God's attention. Asking - this implies that you feel He is right there...Seeking - you know where to find Him and you go find Him...Knocking - you may feel there is something else that He is doing, not sure if He's available, but you go find Him and ask. There are so many times in my life when I ask and do feel He's right there...and then there are times I don't feel as close to Him, but I go find Him and ask...and then there are those times I think my problem is too small, that I'm not worthy, or there's something between us on my end so I just knock.  Jesus knew we would need confidence to approach our Father and He gave us EVERY way to do it regardless of where we are in our spiritual journey.  I think Jesus REALLY wants us to go to our Father don't you?

Are you asking, seeking, or knocking right now?

Christmas in NYC

IMG_8282 IMG_8285IMG_8251 It was SO cool to watch "Christmas in Rockefeller Center"  tonight with the family. This had to be one of my favorite years in a LONG while...Jamie, Harry, Tony, Faith, Beyonce...artists who can REALLY sing! Beyonce on the roof with St.Patrick's Cathedral behind her? Yeah,THE money shot. Lighting is everything, but I digress. NYC is so enchanting this time of year. I don't care how many times you visit or if you live there, the holidays are magical. Even being there last week, the city was already coming alive for the holidays. We never attended the Rockefeller Tree Lighting in person when we lived there (we chose to do the Lincoln Center Tree Lighting) but I never needed an excuse during December to take the 1 train to 50th Street and walk the few blocks to see "THE TREE." We did the parade and made it to Macy's to see Santa last week (20 minute wait - Todd was very happy!) Sydney and I went ice skating in Bryant Park....Magical...the only way to describe it. If you haven't been, go...if you have, you know what I'm talking about.