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Goodbye 2008

The clock is ticking down and we are saying goodbye to another year. I'm happy for fresh starts. I like the promise of a new year...the opportunity to begin again. I feel excited and ready for the challenge of tomorrow.

What's your favorite part about a new year?


image912615123.jpgOur good friends and fellow church planters Mike and Renee Slaughter, decided to give Todd and I the biggest Christmas present you can give a couple of church planters with no budget money for 2009... free stuff for our church! Children's curriculum, art supplies, video gear, hospitality supplies, brought me to tears seeing answered prayer right before my eyes. I know it's just stuff, but it was amazing to see how God knew the stuff we needed.

Skinny vanilla latte

image1554729394.jpgThis is my new drink of choice..not because I want to, but because I have to if I am going to lose the last 5-7 pounds of "Sean" that is still hanging on me. But, until Monday the 5th, I'm enjoying my white mochas when I can.

What are you "tweaking" in your lifestyle in the New Year?

Sunday Recap

Our Christmas Eve services were awesome...carols and candlelighting and my guys made carols very cool. But let's just say the band and I were very happy to leave the world of "Little Drummer Boy" and embrace "Salvation is Here" today. I go all out at Christmas and really blend carols with worship. It's a lot of work writing and arranging, but I feel such a sense of musical accomplishment when the seaon is over. So, if you need any charts for cello, viola, flute, and rhythm for Christmas next year, let me know! I wrote a little turnaround chorus for "How Great is Our God" last year to get into "How Great Thou Art" and we closed the service with today. It was a refreshing worship experience all around (and some great brunch in between services!)

Holiday huh?

I have tried to type this blog for about 30 minutes... my kids have
officially gone 'round the bend. My 4 year old is running around
making up new words to Christmas almost 2 year old is doing
flips off the couch. My house looks like a Toys-r-Us commercial gone
really bad.

Cynthia Cullen

Merry Christmas to me!

The bells began to toll on my new Palm Centro. Everything I needed to do, there was not a mobile app for it. So, my wonderful hubby bought me an iPhone! Thank goodness for a 30-day return policy on the Palm. I was worried about the coverage area on my iphone and so far, no problem. This is an amazing piece of technology. I'm out there, baby and I'm loving it!

Sick day

Sometimes it takes not feeling well to make you slow down and see what is around you. This is the 1st day I can remember that all 4 of us were home all day. Todd and I did not feel well, but we had a day at home as a family. I watched my son and daughter play(because I couldn't get off the couch!) I learned new things about both of them. I just held them and talked to was awesome. So, I didn't get anything done today, but I learned so much more by being incapable of producing anything. We all feel better now and I will always be grateful for my 2008 pre- Christmas sick day .

Christmas mood swings


450x300_choc_cov_cherrires Christmas Day is 5 days away...where did December go? This time of year always brings such a wide swing of emotions for me. I think about all my grandparents who are in Heaven now (yes, all 4). I think about friends and family who are spending their 1st Christmas without someone very special to them. I think about the look on my kids' faces when they come out Christmas morning and see all the presents (especially the Jeep parked in the backyard - thanks, Aunt Christie!) I think about how thankful I am to have the husband, children, home, church, family, and friends that I have....and then I eat chocolate.

Mobile, baby!

I'm blogging from my new phone! Yes, I finally joined the rest of the world and did it. I love my Verizon service, so I went with a Palm Centro (AT&T has got to step it up here in the lowcountry before I buy an iphone.) So far, I've just had to download missing sync to get ical & adress book to talk and it's working good. For the money I spent, I'm happy.