Christmas in NYC
Sunday Recap

Ask, Seek, Knock

I was listening to John Piper while doing cardio at the gym yesterday and as he usually does, he elevates the obvious and makes it profound. What hit me the most was the 3 ways that Piper said that we are told to get God's attention. Asking - this implies that you feel He is right there...Seeking - you know where to find Him and you go find Him...Knocking - you may feel there is something else that He is doing, not sure if He's available, but you go find Him and ask. There are so many times in my life when I ask and do feel He's right there...and then there are times I don't feel as close to Him, but I go find Him and ask...and then there are those times I think my problem is too small, that I'm not worthy, or there's something between us on my end so I just knock.  Jesus knew we would need confidence to approach our Father and He gave us EVERY way to do it regardless of where we are in our spiritual journey.  I think Jesus REALLY wants us to go to our Father don't you?

Are you asking, seeking, or knocking right now?