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A Day at NewSpring

Pastor Jeff is a part of Perry's coaching network so today, he brought some of us from LCC to meet with Perry's staff and do some breakout sessions. Perry is a huge motivator and a straight-shooter adn that is why I enjoy being around him. Here are some thoughts I'm taking home with me today...
1. I need to believe that God can do the impossible.
2. One of the most dangerous things that God can allow a church to experience is success because some people cannot handle the favor of God.
3. I am a servant of the Most High God. I hold the towel for the God of all.
4. My days are numbered.
5. I did that...now what, God?
I was also really challenged to invtie those around me that I forget about to our Christmas Services.  I get busy and forget my business is others and that they hear about the King of Kings, especially this time of year. This rocked!