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I've have made a concerted effort with my 4 year old daughter to esteem her for who she is and not what she does as much. My own personal quarter-life crisis was based on the fact that I had those backwards. But this article yesterday says that my generation of parents may be giving our kids TOO much self-esteem? That we are telling our kids that they are TOO special? That we are affirming them TOO much? I agree that maybe it has gotten out of hand with the "no F's" given in some schools, but I am not going to "take it down a notch" when it comes to affirming my kids.  I'm the most positive force in their lives....so, I am going to not affirm them as much because I am afraid they "might" be disappointed when they find out they are not as special to the rest of the world? What do you think? You tell me...

"These kids didn't raise themselves, they got these ideas from somewhere," Twenge said. With Mom and Dad handing out endless praise, kids today readily believe they are somehow superior, she said. And teachers aren't blameless, either: According to Twenge, research shows that high school teachers now give out an "A" grade more easily than their counterparts did in the 1970s, even though today's high school students report doing less homework than students from that era...."


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