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Sunday Setlist

It's 8:30 on Monday night...cutting it close this week...
In my book, there is a pretty high standard when it comes to adding a new song to the rotation for our congregational worship (I don' t have a book, but it sounds nice). So I did something this past week that I do not normally do...I introduced 2 new worship songs.  Here was our setlist:
"Counting on God" - Jared Anderson (NEW!)
"Let Me Sing" - Todd Fields
"Because of Your Love" - Paul Baloche
"Mystery" - Charlie Hall (NEW!)
"Center" - Charlie Hall
I talked about "Mystery" a few weeks ago and I finally was ready to do it was such a moment. With everything going on in our world, our people really responded to "Counting on God."  This song can't help but make you feel that God is in control! Great day, great worship. I loved being a worshiper today and a musician.

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