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Sunday Recap

Worship was tremendous today. We opened with two of my favorite Vineyard songs - "Come Now is the Time to Worship" and "There's No One Like Our God" which are great when you have an awesome flute player like Susan!  Our cellist, Rob, was a kid in a candy store with his new pickup today. He and Sam (viola) killed it today on "Amazing Grace/My Chains are Gone". They wrote their own duet for the intro and then Susan brought it home at the end with her own solo version. We wrapped Pastor Jeff's 3-week series on worry, fear, and facing giants today and "You Never Let Go" has been a consistent worship tune throughout.  It was great to hear people just sing it out today.  I ended the service with "Sweetly Broken" on acoustic with the band. Besides the fact that I couldn't find "1" if it hit me in the head (Alex, I'll take a 1 for a hundred) it was cool. Brian was mixing today and my acoustic has never sounded so amazing.  He is such an artist as an audio engineer and I truly enjoy experiencing his "art." What a great Sunday to send me off on vacation!

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