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My month of thanks

 I used to be really good at whining here, but life got really busy in the last 4 years with 2 kids and working (DINKS no more!)  I used to be really good at writing thank you notes. I loved it. I would get so excited to get new stationary or note cards and pick out just the right card to send to someone. I haven't stopped it altogether, but there are people that I miss along the way and it REALLY bothers me. So, I made a commitment to myself this year. November is my month of thanks. I am going to make an effort to send a card, make a phone call, or facebook the people in my life that I want to say "thanks' for what they have done for me or my family this past year. If I leave you out, I will go ahead and apologize now:) I'm teaching Sydney along the way this month about being thankful and she is writing her own thank you cards to people who have been kind to her. It's more fun to do this with her than on my own. Although she told me that she didn't know why we have Christmas lights up outside and it's not Thanksgiving yet. They don't miss anything, do they?


Who do you need to say "thanks" to this month?