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Don't eat after you sweat

Thumbnail.aspx I've been really hitting the gym the last 3 months and I am starting to see some results (for me, it's all about fitting into my favorite pair of jeans!) BUT, WOW, my appetite has really taken off. I am so hungry right after a workout...well, my problem seems to be something a lot of people deal with.

"If people are going to go out and exercise to benefit their health, they should not be eating back the calories immediately upon finishing, or within a couple of hours of finishing," said Barry S. Braun, director of the Energy Metabolism Laboratory at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. "In order to maintain the benefits, you need to be in this calorie deficit." CLICK here to read the entire article.

So, I have a 90-calorie treat not totally ruin what I just did.

What is your biggest hurdle with food and exercising?